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Please note that all writing services are priced on a project by project basis. If you are interested in a quote, please send me an e-mail with your contact information and a brief description of your project! If you don’t see your specific project listed below, don’t fret. This list is by no means conclusive. Let me know a little bit more about what you need and I’ll work with you to see if I’m the best person to help!

Web Content

The world has gone digital, and it is becoming almost a necessity to have a well-established web presence. I can help you or your business by creating original web content. This includes:

Blog entries: Either single posts or a series of posts on a wide variety of topics.

Webpage Content: It doesn’t matter if you are marketing yourself, a product, or a service, I can create professional-looking content that will draw in potential clients.

Articles: How-to articles, reviews, informational texts, or any other information you need to put out there for the world to see.

Digital Marketing: Creation of drip e-mail marketing campaigns, text-based advertisements, newsletters, promotional packages, and brochures.

Business Writing

A professional, polished image is essential when it comes to marketing yourself to potential employers or clients. Take advantage of my business writing solutions and ensure that you shine.

Résumés: A one- to two-page, concise summary of your work experience, education, and relevant skills. Résumés can be custom-designed for specific jobs or more general. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV): A CV provides a comprehensive overview of work experience, education, skills, and other qualifications. These are more detailed and comprehensive than a résume.

Cover Letters: Make yourself shine with a snazzy, professional cover letter that grabs the interest of potential employers.

Creative Writing

Ideas are plentiful, but sometimes it can be hard to get them down on a page. It takes a lot of time to write a novel, a short story, or a nonfiction text. If you have the idea, I can turn it into a compelling, finished product.

Novels & E-books: Whether you have an idea for the next best-selling suspense thriller, or want to write a nonfiction how-to book, I will take care of the research, writing and formatting as needed! This is true for fiction, non-fiction, novellas, vignettes, and a wide variety of other creative writing projects.

Educational Content

It’s no secret that teachers are overworked. After spending five years in the classroom while earning my M.Ed I know that sometimes the very last thing a teacher wants to do is drudge through the task of curriculum writing. You may have tons of great ideas, but writing it down and finding the state standards that match up can turn the process into a real chore. Bring me your ideas and let me take care of turning it into a written unit.

Curriculum Plans: If you are a teacher and have an exciting idea for a curriculum unit, but do not have the time to write it and ensure that it meets state or district standards, let me do the work! I have written curriculum for a variety of subjects and grade levels, for both formal and informal educational settings.

Lesson Plans: Struggling with an individual lesson plan? Let me help you create one that integrates with the rest of the curriculum seamlessly.

Additional Services:

So, you’ve already written something? Great! I can help you make your written product stand out. I will take the red pen of doom to the page and fix your punctuation errors, clear up fuzzy language, and ensure that your ideas really pop!

Editing Services: My editing services include a comprehensive read-through of your content, during which I will correct grammatical errors, sentence structure, and spelling mistakes. These edits are purely mechanical, and I will not change any of the actual written content.

Revision Services: More involved than editing, revision includes content editing. This involves a lot more slicing, dicing, and rearranging than editing, and is a great service if you’ve already written something but aren’t sure how to make it shine.